Bitzi Services

Our services are all about procurement of equipment and machineries for construction and industrial projects. To make this happen, we’ve gathered a team of well-experienced engineers, banking gurus and insurance experts. Moreover, we often enjoy consultations and reviews from SMEs (subject matter experts) invited to the process where we need more opinions from specific industries. The services are further categorized as follows:

Analyzing project requirements in terms of equipment

This service answers to the following strategic questions:

  1. What are the job requirements: what shall be built and how,
  2. What equipment can be put in the shortlist to do the job?
  3. What are the strong point and weak points of each machine in the shortlist?

Analyzing financial requirements

  1. How much does the right machine cost?
  2. How much budget can the client allocate for the right equipment they need?
  3. If there is a gap between the budget and the cost, what facility is available to offer?

Concluding the procurement contract

  1. Finalizing the offer and developing the terms and conditions to conclude a win-win contract,
  2. Providing client and supplier with legal documents (client-approved list of requirements, PoP, proforma invoice, L/C, insurance and shipping documents, …)

Tracking and follow-ups

To make sure that the client will receive the product as per contract


Usually scheduled and performed by original supplier, Bitzi makes sure that client receives all the training they need to safely and efficiently operate the equipment they have paid for.


Also often scheduled and performed by original supplier, Bitzi will help the client to have their machines set up as quickly as possible and to decommission and re-commission the equipment in the future projects.

After-sale services

Bitzi is keen to provide the clients with technical assistance first-hand from the original manufacturer. This is our job to make sure that client works with the machine and not got stuck on it.

Upon clients’ request, we schedule periodic visits to their jobsites and check the performance of the systems, the service history and dispatch the manufacturer-approved technician to fix the equipment if needed.

We also have a spare part inventory for critical parts and provide genuine spare parts direct from manufacturer to the client’s jobsite.